The Benefits to Paying it Forward

One of the great things about being an AssistU virtual assistant is the incredible community. We share best practices and support each other professionally and personally. Although I’m a home-based solopreneur, I’m never alone.

As a newbie graduate in 2009, I looked up to the more experienced VAs. They had thriving businesses, seemed to know everything about everything, and were more than willing to share their expertise and ideas. One of the ways they did this was with the AssistU Internship program. A new graduate has a full year to participate as an intern working with a Senior VA.

Fast forward to 2011, and I’m now a Senior VA! I’ve put in my application for an intern to help me with my business. The eight-week, unpaid program allows a new grad to learn new skills while observing how an experienced VA successfully runs a business.
I don’t know yet who my intern will be. I know that we have an amazingly talented group of newbies in our community. I’m compiling a project list and looking forward to learning how to be a great Senior VA!

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