Blogging and Education

I’ve been thinking for a few weeks about how I should kick off my blog. I think I was looking for a “stellar moment” – something that would stop traffic. But life isn’t about stopping traffic; it’s about keeping things going on a steady pace. So here I go!

This year for me is all about education. I touched on the importance of continuing education in my recent newsletter. Currently, I’m taking Alicia Rittenhouse’s Geek Goddess training and completed Mia Chambers’ Thrive Online training.

With Mia, I’ve learned how to use Facebook and Twitter in-depth, and she took us through a detailed maintenance formula – maximizing our time in social media while not spending actual hours each day in the addictive world of social media. With Alicia, I’m learning shopping carts, merchant accounts, product launches, WordPress, and a myriad of other geeky/techie skills that clients are looking for in their VA.

I’m also looking forward to (finally) taking the self-paced VA Classroom classes that I signed up for. I’ll be learning internet marketing, Camtasia, and furthering my education in social media.

No matter what business you’re in, continuing education is one of the biggest keys to keeping yourself current about business trends. Invest in yourself – you’ll definitely see a strong ROI!

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