A Short FAQ

“Been dazed and confused for so long, it’s not true” – Led Zeppelin

A Short FAQ

Can you really handle all this stuff for me?

Your Questions AnsweredIn a word – YES.  I’ll give you the gift of time.  Use it to work with your clients (and that means more money for you, with no strings attached).  Use it however you like!

Can I really offload my non-billable stuff?

What non-billable tasks are you doing on your own? Use my Task Tracker to minimize business distractions!

What type of work would you handle for me?

Do you remember your corporate days?  Perhaps you even had an assistant yourself.  We keep the place running and have about 1,000 balls up in the air without dropping them.  I know; I did the “corporate admin thing” for over 25 years.  I’ll get it done for you.  Curious about what that might be?  Check out my What I Can Do For You page for details.  (We assistants love working with details.)

Is this for real?

At this point you may be wondering if this is the real deal.  Is it true?  Can I really offload my non-billable stuff?  Will she really free up my time so I can focus on doing what I love – working with my clients?  I sure can.  Here’s a list of what I can do, so you can enjoy your success and gain valuable time.

You know that stuff you just hate.  Those technical time suckers that just don’t make sense sometimes:  Social media, newsletters, blogs and more!  The boring stuff that takes you three times as long to do because you always had ‘people’ to do it for you.  Click here to see what I can do for you.

I’m in!  How do we start?

Once you sign my contract and the first payment is made, we will have a detailed phone call (this first phone call is NOT billable to you).  I work closely with my clients using a deliberate, customer-service approach.  I ask questions and listen to the answers.  I probe when necessary because I want you to do some “deep thinking” with me.  We will discuss ideas and solutions. After that conversation, I will present you the following things.  1) A specific, detailed process that I will use to solve your problems.  2) A specific timeframe for project execution.  3) SMART goals designed specifically for you to keep our “eye on the prize.”

We will enjoy open communication and honest feedback exchange at all times.  My goal is to make this a productive and fun experience for you!


Fun Facts About Me…

.. Active ally for GLBT equality... Can't boil an egg... Happily obsessively organized... Can't sleep without at least one cat on the bed... "Punctual" means 5 minutes early... Classic Rock expert... Has over 500 stegosauruses... Rarely purchases anything that's not purple.